Saturday, July 23, 2011

From Your Cats...

Top ten reasons we, your cats, require our water dish to be cleaned every day:
  1. Leave water standing anywhere for a night and a day, and it will be gross.
  2. You try drinking water by licking it out of a bowl, and see if you don't slobber in it.
  3. You try picking up pieces of food with your lips, teeth, and tongue, and see if you don't spray crumbs all over the place. Some of it will get in your water dish!
  4. If you have hair on your head and/or face, wear a dark shirt some time and see if it doesn't collect little hairs, bits of dead skin & other crud. Now try not getting some of that in your water dish!
  5. There's a lot of traffic by here. Don't pretend you've never kicked any dirt into our water dish.
  6. OK, so we sneezed in it. Happy?
  7. If you're going to drop straw wrappers, receipts, milk carton rings, shreds of shrink-wrap and fragments of the plastic seal around the lid of a bottle or jar, don't blame us for taking an interest in their floating and/or absorbent qualities.
  8. You've got two cats, dude. Why do you always assume I'm the bad one?
  9. This is still yesterday's water, and we're pissed.
  10. We've been meaning to ask you whether we couldn't have a paw-washing station next to the litter box. It wouldn't be an issue if you hadn't declawed us. Ordinarily we would use our claws to keep our paws off the clay. But now...?

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