Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Blog

My Dad is a lot like me. He's a good writer. He's always mulling over interesting ideas, figururing out how he would write an essay, sermon, or blog post based on them. But unlike me, he doesn't often get around to actually writing those blog posts. Once he's thought through the topic and all but written it in his head, he doesn't see much point in carrying it through to its final, publishable form.

Therein lies a big difference between us. I've always felt that my life wouldn't be worth living if I couldn't write. To me, no thought process or experience seems complete until I have expressed it in writing. That's why I've gotten such a kick out of blogging. It's a wonderful outlet for my need to write!

Nevertheless, my productivity as a blogger has its ups and downs. Lately it's been a bit down, mostly because other commitments have claimed more of my time and energy. Also, more and more often, I have gone through the frustrating experience of thinking of something I want to blog about while driving to work at 5:30-6:30 a.m., only to forget it before I have a chance to set it down.

So I've been trying to find ways I can keep up with my regular blogging without having quite as many wide-open blocks of time to devote to it. And here's one idea that may actually help my Dad, and other deadbeat bloggers like him...

During a break at work, or when you have a couple minutes of free time between arriving at home after work and leaving for a late-afternoon appointment - basically, any time when you might have a chance to go online to check your email - sign into Blogger. Then draft a post with a title and a few labels, maybe nothing else, maybe a few key words to trigger an idea you want to blog about when time permits...then click "Save Now" and log out again. This unpublished "draft" post will furnish you with a reminder on which you can follow up later. I have three of those "saved" posts going right now...

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