Monday, November 16, 2009


This evening, for reasons that are none of your business, I found myself driving the entire length of Antire Road from High Ridge Blvd. in High Ridge, Missouri, to I-44 in St. Louis County.

If it had been a bright, sunny day, it would have been a perfect spot to film a commercial for a road-hugging, high-performance auto. The road zig-zags through some of the tightest curves in the developed world, while simultaneously plummeting down the side of a hill so overgrown with woodsy foliage that you can't see a dozen yards ahead. After an appetizer-sized serving of this, it settles down to the standard helping of hills and curves that Missouri drivers know and love, garnished with no shoulder and, at times, lousy pavement.

In today's gloomy downpour, it was a bit less fun than that.

So, don't drive this way if you're at all susceptible to carsickness, nosebleeds, or the temptation to answer your cell phone while driving. Before you do take a pleasure trip to Antire Rd., do some hand stretches to limber them up (for clutching the steering wheel). And make sure your tires are in good condition!

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