Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stuff That Doesn't Work

More and more of the stuff in my life is starting to give up the ghost. And in the current economy, I can't afford to replace it.

Case #1: My computer monitor. It's a nice, flat-screen monitor that I have hooked up to two different computers at the same time. I can't do that with the tube monitor I'm using as I write this. I've been forced to go back to my old screen because the new one currently refuses to do anything except make an ominous ticking noise, unless I unplug it. It costs a week's pay out of my current income to replace it. And I won't have a week's pay to spare any time in the foreseeable future.

Case #2: The blower on my car's interior heating & cooling system. For some time, it would occasionally kick in if I drove over a bump or a pothole. Now it rarely comes on at all. I have to drive everywhere with my window rolled down. This may get a bit tricky come winter. It's already starting to make it hard to get around when there's a lot of fog and dew in the air. When I can't get air to blow on the windshield, the only way to defog it is to wipe it with a napkin or a cloth. This can result in some hairy moments; for example, when the air suddenly gets foggy while I'm cruising down the highway. I've already invested as much money as I can currently afford in having this problem fixed - to no result.

Case #3: My right knee. For most of a week now, it's been giving me trouble. I've never had much knee trouble before. I hate to think that this might be the beginning of a battle with joint pain that could go on for the rest of my life. Perhaps I've pulled something that will heal by itself... but in the meantime, a lot of my ordinary routines have taken on a new aspect. I'll count my blessings. You can't take your everyday activities for granted when they hurt.

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