Friday, January 11, 2008


I invented some swear words on my way home from work today. The highway with the most direct route is closed for construction as of January 2 (possibly all year!), and the "backup route" is aptly so-named - absolutely the worst stretch of highway in the metro area. So I decided to explore some of suburban St. Louis's main drags. Boy, did they drag.

I swore a blue streak, and now I'm blue, because it was a gorgeously blue day - the kind of day that makes blue my favorite color, clear and sunny and glorious. I left work at 2:30 with a joyful heart, thinking about the brisk sunlit walk I would take when I got home. But for my detour (pronounced "duhhh...tour"), I skillfully turned from one congested road to an even more congested one until I was sitting through 6 green lights per major intersection. I didn't find out that the cause of all the congestion was right at my turn onto the last stretch of highway before home - a lane closure right under the highway bridge! D'OH!

I grew hoarse with swearing as the sky's bright blueness faded toward sunset. It was a lost cause. When I rolled into my parking spot at 5:30-ish, dusk had already set in...and now that I've had dinner and written this, it's dark.

At least Friday night is young....Anyone know a good place to get drunk?

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