Wednesday, August 31, 2022

325. Hymn for Advent 3 (Series A)

Further to my "hymn for every Sunday in the three-year lectionary" project, here is a ditty for the Third Sunday in Advent, for which I concentrated mostly on the Old Testament lesson from Isaiah 35:1-10. I think I may have also snuck in a tiny bit of the Epistle, from James 5:7-11, as well. For the tune, I plumped for GALILEE by William Herbert Jude (1851-1922), which you can find paired with the hymn "Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult" in the American Lutheran Hymnal, Service Book and Hymnal and Lutheran Book of Worship. Not to be confused with GALILEAN by Joseph Barnby (cf. "Hark the voice of Jesus crying"). It wasn't the tune I wanted, but I couldn't make words come out to fit the tune I did want; when I made the switch, everything flowed smoothly. I guess the hymn knew itself better than I knew it.

Brethren, shore up hands from sinking
And make firm the trembling knees;
Say to those whose heart is shrinking,
"Christ is coming; be at ease!"

See, He comes to recompense you
For your woes and injuries;
From the thorn that sore offends you,
Surely, surely Jesus frees.

From the chains of lust that bind you,
From your guilty soul's disease
And your reason's scales, which blind you,
Surely, surely Jesus frees.

That which blocks your ears from hearing,
Lips from speaking what He'd please,
Hearts from loving His appearing—
From these also Jesus frees.

Now the desert will be watered;
Even fools His road may seize.
No more victim need be slaughtered;
Jesus comes, and surely frees.

All His ransomed shall, rejoicing,
Meet the One who heals and frees,
Everlasting anthems voicing
As all woe and sighing flees.

So be patient, sisters, brothers;
Shore up drooping hands and knees,
Daily telling one another:
"Christ is coming; be at ease!"

EDIT: Here's that tune.

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