Friday, April 15, 2022

320. Good Friday Hymn

Since I wrote a Maundy Thursday hymn on Manudy Thursday, it seems appropriate to try this today. Not that my output as a hymnwriter has lacked hymns on the Passion of Christ, at all. I'm hoping this one will be just a bit different. The tune I'm feeling is the Norwegian folk melody FAR, VERDEN, FAR VEL ("The sun has gone down," LHy 554, TCH 74, ELHy 575).
The hammer comes down:
Nails piercing the Victim who bears the world's frown,
Thorns pressed on His brow like a blasphemous crown.
Jeers darken the air. Comprehension takes leave:
The mob stirred to madness, the faithful to grieve.
Fear not, but believe!
Fear not, but believe!

Has not the Lord said
That God's Son and man's must, in all sinners' stead,
Be taken and punished and rise from the dead?
As once in the desert a bronze serpent raised
Brought healing to many who thereon but gazed,
Look on Him, amazed!
Look on Him, amazed!

Behold, for His sake
The daytime is darkened; the earth's pillars quake;
Their graves broken open, the dead saints awake.
The spear proves Him dead, ruined in the world's eyes,
Yet even a heathen this moment makes wise:
His blood justifies!
His blood justifies!

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