Thursday, February 10, 2022

You're luckier than I am

Consider yourselves lucky that you won't have to listen to the recordings I made, during a grueling, multi-hour session yesterday, of 35 hymn tunes that I used in Useful Hymns (indexed under the letters H and I). Well, here's the one video I finished editing before I discovered the horrendous sound quality of the recordings I had made.
Isn't that awful? They started bad (installments A-G) and have somehow, gotten worse. And that's despite trying a new rig to hold my brand new cellphone/voice recorder so that it didn't lie directly on the piano, which I thought might have been a cause of some of the audio artifacts in the previous recordings. Apparently, I'm going to have to do more research about how to record these suckers. My new phone, or the recording rig, or whatever, has taken me backwards. And speaking of taking, the nine, 13, 18 takes some of those tunes took to record to my satisfaction have gone completely down the tubes; frowny face.

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