Monday, November 25, 2019

The Rosie Effect

The Rosie Effect
by Graeme Simsion
Recommended Ages: 14+

This sequel to The Rosie Project finds differently-wired Australian geneticist Don Tillman and his grad student wife Rosie living in New York City, where the discovery that she is pregnant throws Don and their relationship into uncharted territory.

His proven strategy of changing himself to become what Rosie needs begins to backfire when an attempt to study children in their natural habitat gets Don arrested at a school playground on suspicion of being a pedophile. Hoping to reduce stress in Rosie's life, he tries to keep this a secret from her – resulting in a series of deceptions that goes wildly out of control. Meanwhile, he hooks onto a research project by and about lesbian mothers, commandeers a parenting class and undergoes group and couples therapy (with the wife of a friend impersonating Rosie), all just to sort out whether he can be the kind of father Rosie expects for their child.

Those who have followed this series from the start have been rooting for Don and Rosie from the minute he called her (inside his own head) the most beautiful woman in the world. His difficulty communicating what he feels will ensure that every step of their journey as a couple is fraught with errors and emotional pitfalls. But now that there's a child on the way, the obstacles to their happiness together seem increasingly insurmountable.

Meanwhile, Don intervenes in the father-son affairs of his rock-star landlord, helps one of his best friends save his business, tries to help another friend put his broken family back together, and lets his mouth get him in trouble in more than one situation. The plot complications and misunderstandings pile on deeper and deeper until Don's pursuit of the woman he already married reaches the tipping point between heartbreak and hilarity.

Audio-book reader Dan O’Grady’s voice acting has just the right comic touch, enhanced by a down-under accent and a firm but not unkind grasp of the main character. The series continues in The Rosie Result.

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