Monday, July 15, 2019

Into the Black Nowhere

Into the Black Nowhere
by Meg Gardiner
Recommended Ages: 14+

In Unsub, we met a Bay Area cop named Caitlin Hendrix who, partly as an accident of birth, became a key player in the hunt for a serial killer. Now she's a member-in-training of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (you know, like on TV's Criminal Minds), where she shows enough promise as a profiler to be assigned to a three-agent team chasing a psychopath in Texas. This guy has been abducting attractive young women from a town halfway between Austin and San Antonio, and soon after Caitlin's team arrives, a couple of the victims turn up dead.

As the killer's profile comes into clearer focus, Caitlin finds herself once again in a very personal relationship with a diabolical genius whose special gifts include manipulating people, eluding capture and leaving a trail of carnage behind him. Once Caitlin figures out what really makes this monster tick, he only gets scarier as the hunt turns into a high-speed chase across half of the U.S.A. to save, if possible, his next intended victim. And once again, Caitlin's special gift proves to be her willingness to jump off a cliff with the bad guy handcuffed to her. Well, that's me speaking figuratively. But as you'll see when you read this book, and you will – gaze into my eyes – I'm not exaggerating very much. Not at all, really.

This is, to date, the second book of the UNSUB trilogy of which book 3, The Dark Corners of the Night, is due for release in February 2020. Meg Gardiner has also written five Evan Delaney novels (China Lake, Mission Canyon, Jericho Point, Crosscut and Kill Chain) and four Jo Beckett novels (The Dirty Secrets Club, The Memory Collector, The Liar's Lullaby and The Nightmare Thief) and is the winner of an Edgar Award.

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