Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hymns for Tough Times in the Church

I've been planning the two hymns below for a while. In fact, with them I catch up with all my unrealized hymn plans, and from here on I either have to wing it or figure out a new plan. Once again, a bout of insomnia in the middle of the night prompted me to set pen to paper, with these results. The tune for 241 is NAGLET TIL ET KORS, from Hartnack O.K. Zinck's Koralbog of 1801. The tune for 242 is MEINE HOFFNUNG by Joachim Neander, 1680, which I have used once before for an original hymn. In case these tunes don't register on your singability meter, each has a reasonably nice alternative tune that, funnily enough, comes from the same source: Zinck's PAA SIT KORS and Neander's UNSER HERRSCHER (only with two notes in the penultimate phrase tied together).
241. Prayer About a Church Divided
Lord, whose free, creating vision
Made distinction and division,
Night from day and sea from land:
Help, lest brother part from brother,
Drawing boundaries for other
Than the reasons You command.

Christ, who brought a sword, dividing
These who trust from those deriding
You and all that makes for peace:
Now make good Your prayer, desiring
Those You serve with love untiring
To be one, their strife to cease.

Holy Spirit, call and gather
Daughter, mother, son and father;
Heal the wounds that ill divide.
Bind us all in true believing,
One another's faith perceiving,
Till we face You, side by side.

242. Prayer About Mistreated Ministers
Christ, whose ancient prophets cherished
News of You when they were sent:
Well You know how oft they perished,
Slain by those to whom they went.
Lord, we pray: Help, today,
One who walks the prophets' way.

You Yourself, Lord Jesus, tasted
Of the prophets' bitter cup;
Lest Your suffering be wasted,
Hold Your wounded witness up.
Lord, we pray: Help, today,
One who walks Your cross's way.

Those who clamored to be seated
At Your right hand or Your left,
You warned, first might be defeated
By the world, abused, bereft.
Lord, we pray: Help, today,
One who walks the apostles' way.

Bind his wounds, O heav'nly Healer;
Send Your angels, giving strength
To Your medicine's revealer
And its patient, till at length
He arise, Fixing eyes
On the precious, perfect prize.

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Rebecca said...

Those are beautiful! Thank you, Robin.