Thursday, October 12, 2017

Photography Potpourri

I've been neglecting the photography thread on this blog, while posting a lot of photos I have taken on Facebook. So, to remedy that, here is a bit of catching up, with selected photos I have shot and posted on Facebook from early 2015 forward. I make no effort to put them in logical or chronological order.

This bird was eating seed off the rail of the deck behind my parents' former home in Laurie, Mo.
That's my dad, then a co-worker in the newspaper business, walking up the path to the Missouri Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City.
A mural in the house chamber in the Missouri State Capitol.
A window in the house chamber in the Missouri State Capitol.
Various birds enjoying the nifty bird feeder my parents used to hang over their deck in Laurie, Mo.
A tree and a shed that I thought looked interesting on an Easter Sunday morning a couple years ago in Stover, Mo.
I shot this graffitied sign a block south of the public school in Stover, Mo.
I don't remember exactly where I shot this butterfly, but it was somewhere in Morgan County, Mo.
This dog found the real thing while straying in the business district of Stover, Mo.
This vehicle was entered in a car show in Versailles, Mo.
These classic cars were displayed in Stover, Mo.
This flag looked great against a clear blue sky outside the nursing home in Stover, Mo.
These and some other flowers shown below were spotted outside a Lutheran church in Stover, Mo.
I think I saw these wildflowers growing near the scene of some bridge construction I was shooting for the newspaper in the vicinity of Gravois Mills, Mo.
More flowers from that Lutheran church in Stover, Mo.
These flowers volunteered themselves in front of a house where I used to live in Versailles, Mo.
More flowers from that Lutheran church, Stover, Mo.
This bug gave me a start in the house where I used to live in Versailles, Mo.
I didn't shoot this. I'm the kid on the left, with my half-brother Jake (middle) and my brother Ryan, circa 1989, in front of our maternal grandparents' house in Minneapolis, Minn.
This killdeer was protecting its nest in the parking lot of the Stover Rural Fire Protection District office.
This was one of the last photos I took of my late cat Tyrone, who died last year age 14.
The late Tyrone with Sinead, who is now 10 years old and currently my sole cat.
I spotted this young goat at the Morgan County (Mo.) fair a year or two ago.
This interesting structure, in extreme western Morgan County, Mo., had something to do with a retention pond from a spring on the site of one of the county's earliest settlements, Byler's (or Boyler's) Mill. Taking this picture led me to write a feature story about the original mill.
Again, I didn't shoot this; this was shot of me, while playing the piano before a Christmas service at a little country church outside Stover, Mo.
Here are some shots I took of my alma mater, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind., when I was on campus this past spring.
Shot of me, not by me. From left, my brother Ryan, his son Reece, my parents' dog Rudy, and yours truly.
The Aug. 23 total solar eclipse. I shot this through a special filter from Boonville, Mo.
Marketing, country style. I shot this in Florence, Mo.
Beware the soft ground. I shot this in Florence, Mo.
A beautiful old building that I shot in Florence, Mo.
Barred rays of the sunset, earlier this month over Stover, Mo.

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