Sunday, February 22, 2015

102. Creation Hymn

Further to "Useful Hymns Part II"... In case you missed the previous announcement, I am tentatively numbering the hymns I am writing for a projected second volume of 100. Obviously, the hymn numbers will change by the time that book comes together, because they will be topically arranged; I am numbering them here just to mark the progress of Volume 2. Click here to buy a copy of my first set of 100 hymns for only $10.

Creation Hymn

God, who called the light from darkness
And from nothing made all things
Through Your Word begotten, uttered,
And Your Spirit's hovering wings,
Even You, to call men righteous,
Bore creation's bitter stings,
Making dead hearts live and own You:
For this grace all heaven sings!

God whose willing, working, naming
Separated day from night,
Earth from sky and land from ocean,
Clothing them in verdure bright,
Setting stars for signs and seasons,
Sun and moon to rule the height,
Keep anew Your ancient promise:
Call them good, Your heart's delight!

God, who set the waters teeming
And the birds to heaven assigned,
Brought forth all things walking, creeping,
Multiplying kind by kind,
Last of all to crown creation
You in dust Your image limned,
Breathing life into our father,
Making him a living mind.

Now that mind, though darkened, hungers
To regain that holy shape;
Now that world groans, fallen, longing
Its sore labor to escape.
By Your Word's incarnate merit
All our sins in justice drape;
Make creation new, immortal;
Call us good for Jesus' sake!

UPDATE: Here's an original tune to go with this hymn. Title: GENESIS.

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