Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ways to Spot a Confessional Lutheran that You Won't Learn by Reading the Lutheran Confessions

Caveat #1: I kid because I love.
Caveat #2: I myself resemble many of these remarks.
  • Wingtip shoes
  • Serving scalloped potatoes at a funeral
  • Singing the rhythmic version of "A Mighty Fortress"
  • Roman-style clerical shirts (the "dot," not the "dog collar")
  • Not taking Communion at church conferences (By now I must be in trouble with somebody!)
  • Coffee that tastes like the inside of a tin can
  • Ending the table prayer with "Let THY gifts to us be blessed"
  • Saying "And with thy spirit" instead of "And also with you"
  • Manischewitz
  • Wondering whether communing twice in one month will cancel each other out
  • Singing "Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates" to the Third Tune
  • Always saying "quick" and "spake" even if "living" and "spoke" are printed in the book
  • Ever, even once, saying the words "pastor loci." (I spent my first 6 months in the ministry wondering when I was going to meet this Pastor Lohtse and why he always seemed to be absent when circuit functions took place at his church.)
  • Refusing to allow wedding marches by Wagner or Mendelssohn
  • The pastor speaking and the congregation singing in response
  • Reading the psalms responsively, half verse by half verse
  • Knowing exactly which flag (American or Christian) should be on each side of the altar
  • Pectoral crucifix tucked in shirt pocket
  • Full set of Luther's works serving a mostly decorative purpose; full set of Lenski commentaries worn to tatters

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Cuda said...

At least you appear to consider me "confessional".