Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Camera

Here are some shots I took while playing with my new digital camera, figuring out how it works. Out of over 40 snaps I've taken over the past few days, just a handful really struck me as keepers. I guess I have a lot more to learn!

Here is Tyrone, the cat who has been my main dawg for over nine years now. He's still looking good, don't you think? And in this picture, slightly touched up by a bit of Photoshop magic, he looks like he's saying to me, "Dude, you gone."

This rust-colored classic is parked across the street from my office in the rustic burg of Defiance, Missouri. I thought it went nicely with the shed next to it, but I masked in the background foliage (from another photo I took yesterday) to conceal a rather ordinary house on the neighboring lot.

Here is the nice-looking bed-and-breakfast next to the building where I work in Defiance, Missouri. The painting and woodwork actually still need a little work, but overall it doesn't look half bad!

Here is a fancy birdbath on the grounds of the B&B pictured above. I'm mostly proud of the fact that I kept my hand still enough to get a good shot with the optical zoom cranked up most of the way. Also, I like the slightly wild, antique-looking settings. But I wish I had taken a picture of the gargoyle on the building next door! Ah, next week....

And here is a glimpse of the space I work in every day, fulfilling orders for a Christian doctrinal journal that has been published in some twenty languages and read around the world. While bulk shipments and single-copy subscriptions are shipped from other facilities, all your day-to-day back-issue orders, new subscriptions, and donations cross this desk and the packaging/mailing work bench next to it!

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