Friday, January 2, 2015

Aaaand More Harmonizations!

Here are the rest of the new hymn tunes by yours truly, and their harmonizations...
This tune goes with a paraphrase of Luther's morning and evening prayers.

This tune is for, duh, a hymn about baptism.

This tune is for a hymn meditating on the church's inheritance in Christ.

This tune is named after a rural parish my father served as pastor for a decade.

This tune is for a Palm Sunday hymn.

This is a tune for a paraphrase of Job 3:20-26.

This tune was written for a paraphrase of the Athanasian Creed.

This tune, named after my 10 year old nephew, was written way before he was born for a hymn about instructing children in the faith. Its original title honored a saintly old lady I knew at the time.

This tune is for a hymn about, like, remnant theology.

This tune is named after a line that occurs several times in the hymn text it was written for.

This tune is for a paraphrase of Psalm 95.

This tune is for a hymn about the Trinity.

This is the tune for the hymn on Christ as "prophet, priest, and king."

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