Sunday, June 24, 2012

Luke 15:1-10 Hymn

O the joy that shepherd knew—
And that frugal housewife—who,
Sparing neither care nor cost,
Sought and found the least, the lost!

Nor did they alone rejoice;
When their neighbors heard their voice
Welcome back lost sheep and coin,
Merrily did they rejoin.

Likewise, Jesus, grant that we
Daily sought and found may be:
Sought from thickets, thin and torn;
Carried home, fed, healed, reborn.

When high pride leads us astray,
Drive the wolves of sin away,
Teaching us to boast alone
In Your dying to atone!

Should low lust draw us apart,
Gather us unto Your heart
That, repenting and restored,
We taste Your forgiveness, Lord!

Teach us, leaving all, to win
Fellow sinners from their sin,
That at last, before You found,
We join heaven's joyful sound.

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