Monday, July 18, 2011

Third Commandment Hymn

This hymn continues my series of decalog hymns with the Third Commandment (as numbered by Lutherans and Rome): "Remember to sanctify the holy day." I hope this hymn (and ditto the others in this project) isn't as big a mess as I fear it may be. There are so many ideas that I want to cram into it, but the word of the day is TIGHT!

Son of Man, as Lord of Sabbath,
Who made new that ancient rest
Not a day to put Your children's
Strict obedience to the test,
But a day for comfort sweet,
Sitting at our Savior's feet
Lift again our sin-sore burden,
Fill our hunger with Your best.

When in hunger Your disciples
Plucked the heads of grain and ate,
Even this, You showed by David,
No strict law did violate.
For the Sabbath is for man,
And it was Your gracious plan
To refashion it when dying,
All things to regenerate.

Though You healed upon the Sabbath
Sick and lame and palsied hand,
Yet by loving, seeking, saving,
You fulfilled the Law's demand.
By Your Sabbath in the tomb
You freed us from death and doom,
And from endless, bitter striving:
Freed by faith in You we stand.

Evermore let us remember,
Lord, our day of liberty,
When You broke death's sting forever
And the grave's grim victory.
In Your saintly garments dressed,
Let us taste now of the rest
Sworn in sacrament and sermon:
Ever, Christ, our Sabbath be!

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revalkorn said...

another excellent Christological cover of this commandment. I hope to hear this with music.