Sunday, July 17, 2011

Second Commandment Hymn

Set to a different tune (though I don't know which tune), here is my run at a hymn based on the Second Commandment as the Catholic & Lutheran churches number them: "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain." You may notice, as this thread moves forward, that I am making every effort to make these hymns as Christ-centered as possible.

Christ, the Father's faithful witness,
As He speaks, You speak the same;
High above all things ascended,
Yours above all names the Name:
How we use that Name in lying,
Curses, oaths, God's patience trying—
Or, like Peter, You denying!
Oh! That we might weep for shame!

Christ, forbear, though oft among us
Lightly held your Name appears;
Christ, forgive when we deny it
In our passions, pains, and fears.
Though false prophets basely use it,
Though Your enemies accuse it,
Lest despairing we refuse it,
Pity our repentant tears!

Christ, whose works compel believing
Even where Your word's denied,
How our lips and lives together
Set Your precious Name aside!
For our actions scarcely render
Witness to Your love, so tender,
That You laid aside Your splendor
And for us were crucified!

Christ, restore us, as when Peter
Showed no rock of strength was he!
Glorify God's Name before us;
Keep Your doctrine pure and free.
By Your blasphemy conviction,
By Your guiltless crucifixion,
Make Your Name a benediction
That our lips made clean may be.

EDIT: For lack of an existing tune to fit this text, I wrote one on August 3, 2013. Here it is:


Robbie F. said...

I find that the phrase "on a blasphemy conviction" lowers the tone of the third stanza somewhat, but I can't come up with a better alternative. Apart from that, what you do y'all think?

Robbie F. said...

OK, let's see if changing that line to "by your blasphemy conviction" & moving it up one line improves stanza 3.

Robbie F. said...

What I previously said about stanza 3 now goes for stanza 4, since I added a new 3rd stanza in response to a constructive comment from John Abernethy, who "has long looked at John 1:12 in light of this command. Could it be bigger than just how we talk about Him? Could it be a command to not say we are His children but live as if we are not, taking His name for our own to no purpose? (In the original context, I point to Deut 14:1.)"

revalkorn said...

Like your rhyme scheme. I don't know what I'd do with the blasphemy line, but I agree that it's . . . hinky.