Monday, July 18, 2011

Fourth Commandment Hymn

And here, again by Roman/Lutheran reckoning, is the Fourth Commandment in hymn form: "the only commandment with a promise" (Ephesians 6:2)... I really picked a stinker of a meter for this one, and perhaps as a result of that, the length of the hymn got away from me a bit. If only there wasn't so much that needed to be said, especially at this late hour of the day!

Eternal, sole-begotten Son,
Forever with the Father one,
How wondrously you made Your way:
Child of a maiden mother born,
Her and her man You did not scorn,
But served them meekly day by day.

Grant that we children of today
Might likewise honor and obey
Father and mother, as we see
You do; that we might bear the rod
As you were subject unto God,
So far as dying on a tree!

And grant that parents also might
Rule in their homes as in your sight
Must ever right and proper be:
By gentleness rebuking sin,
By patience forming Christ within
The lambs You bid them oversee.

But in this present darkness, we
Must pray for every family,
Lest this world's prince, by snare and sword,
Destroy these bonds that You ordained,
Whereby all freedom is maintained;
Restore our families, gracious Lord!

Remind us that these bonds of love
Fit us to dwell in homes above,
Where we shall all inherit thrones.
How light our burden, that You give
This promise! Therefore may we live
As willing daughters, worthy sons.

Hear, Christ, the prayer of Your elect:
Though we be weak, let us reflect
The Father's perfect love for You
And Yours for Him; and when we sin,
Like hen and chicks, so draw us in,
That greater works we yet may do.

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