Monday, August 31, 2009

Lord's Prayer Hymn

Further to this meditation on the eucharistic use of the Our Father, here is a little spiritual poem I threw together. I welcome all feedback except "It's too long to sing in church." Not all hymns have to be sung in church. But I think they should aim to say something, and say it well.

Our heavenly Father, unto Thee
We call in trusting prayer,
Howso unworthy we may be
Such liberty to dare:
Baptized in Christ, we are Thy sons,
Thine heirs, Thy saints, Thy favored ones,
Commended to Thy care.

Thy name be hallowed, holy God,
And praised through every sphere.
Not less beneath Thy chastening rod
Will we Thy name revere.
Thy name, on brow and bosom placed,
All other owners' marks erased:
We cherish it in fear.

Thy kingdom come, almighty King;
We welcome it with joy
That blunts the grave's and sorrow's sting,
That death cannot destroy.
Its citizens and heirs are we:
Then, come it swift and terribly,
No dread shall us annoy.

Thy will be done, O Lord of grace,
As Thou hast testified,
When for our whole benighted race
The Savior bled and died.
Thy word of peace and pardon still
Take many captive to Thy will,
By one death ratified.

Our daily bread give us today,
According to Thy will;
Strengthen our hands to work and pray,
Our every need fulfill.
Grant only what is best for all,
Nor suffer bud nor bird to fall
To Thy dear children's ill.

Forgive our guilt as we forgive,
Nor keep account of sins.
Without Thy pardon, who can live?
Thus, when our patience thins,
Remind us that we walk by grace:
Where our works find their ending place,
Thy mercy but begins.

God who was tested, test us not
Beyond what we can bear;
And if with woes our way be fraught,
Each day make us aware
That Thou didst drink this cup, and more:
So if Thou exercise us sore,
'Tis but a cup we share.

Save us from evil, highest Good,
Now and in worlds to come.
Robed in Christ's righteousness and blood,
We never shall succumb.
By day and night, in feast and fast,
From first emergency to last,
Draw us unto Thy home.

Amen! Thou King of all that stands,
Amen! Thou Prince of power;
Amen! Thou Glory of all lands,
All ages from this hour:
As Thou didst teach us thus to pray,
Be pleased on this Thy holy day
To hear us, heavenly Tower!

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