Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I come unto Thee slain

Here is a (not very) little ditty I started writing in my head during Divine Service this evening. It's sort of a penitential version of "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes." It could be sung to the tune Aber by W. H. Monk.I come unto Thee slain,
My spirit torn in twain:
Pronounce Thy Word,
O gracious Lord,
That I might live again.

My feet have gone astray
From out Thy holy way:
View not in wrath
My sinful path;
Restore my steps today.

I crawl on bended knee,
A supplicant, to Thee:
Without Thy hand,
Lord, who could stand?
Be merciful to me!

My loins and belly crave
Such as they should not have:
O let Thy heart
And inward part
Be moved, this wretch to save!

My heart is full of dread,
For all my works are dead:
Good Lord, you know
My fear and woe;
Remember Christ instead.

My lips, though yet unclean,
Thy holy kiss have seen:
Thy flesh for food,
For drink Thy blood,
Shall make this deadwood green.

For all my hands have plied
Thou, Christ my Lord, hast died:
In living faith,
Born of Thy death,
I clasp Thy hands and side.

Anointed by Thy grace,
I seek Thy beaming face:
My clouded eyes
Make clear, make wise
My mind, my heart replace!

Open my stoppered ears
And wipe away my tears:
For holy use
My tongue make loose,
The more as Thy day nears.

Healed by Thy wounds and death,
Raised by Thy dying breath:
My sin thus drowned,
Now I have found
The surest ground of faith.

Now, quickened by Thy bath,
Full pardoned from Thy wrath,
I go forth whole,
Body and soul,
On Thy cross-shadowed path.

In me, Lord Jesus, live;
Father, Thy Spirit give,
That I should be
As pleaseth Thee
And, as forgiv'n, forgive.

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