Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Amen" Hymn

Amen, Lord Jesus; to Thy Word
I yield my will, my praise, my trust;
May this Thy Spirit’s mighty sword
Lay me, the sinner, in the dust.

Yea, may Thy Word raise me again
And speak new life into my clay,
That I may ever say Amen
And even live Amen each day.

At Thy Law, my Amen declares
That I have taken it to heart;
And by Amen, my spirit dares
To claim Thy Gospel as its part.

When I confess my sins, Amen
Owns all the debt I owe to Thee;
And when absolved, the same Amen
Binds all Thy promises to me.

When I confess the faith, Amen
Commits me to its straitened road,
Each toilsome mile and conflict then
Transformed into my highest good.

When I give thanks and say Amen,
I own that all good comes from Thee;
May I be thankful even when
The good is difficult to see!

And when I pray to Thee, Amen
Addresses faith to all my cares;
Thy loving Yea and Nay contain
The meetest answers to my prayers.

Help Thou my unbelief, O Lord:
Make my Amen Amen indeed.
Plant in my heart Thy lively Word
And tend in me its tender seed.

Grant peace upon my last Amen,
And keep me faithful until death;
Amen, O Christ, I say again;
Come soon, and vindicate my faith!

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